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no artificial flavoring here
{layout} for lucy/148km 
23rd-Nov-2007 02:58 am
[x-men] perfection

live: wasurenaideyo

What to do
1. Go to Journal and Customize.
2. Under Select a New Theme, type in 'Smooth Sailing', click search, and then click on the first name in the bunch (ie. Army Attire).
3. Scroll all the way down, make sure the one selected out of the three is the sidebar on the left, and then click on Customize Selected Theme.
4. Go to Customize CSS, make all fields NO, and copy&paste the code I've provided.
5. I would suggest taking off everything in the sidebar except for Tags, Free text, and Links, it looks hella cleaner that way.
6. Don't forget to save, lulz.
7. Credit to albel or yum_tabe~ XD
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